LX-IP Synchronous AoIP & MADI Multichannel Sound Card


LX-IP provides the perfect gateway from mission critical applications to RAVENNA and AES67 AoIP networks. Its 128 channels, 0.5 ms latency and phase accuracy match all requirements for high density, ultra-low latency on-air or production studio workflows. Hardware-based architecture maintains performance regardless of the computational load of other applications running on the host system. LX-IP with MADI optional interface provides a seamless migration path from legacy digital audio to AoIP and provides all MADI features described below.


128/128 I/O AES67/RAVENNA channels on dual Gigabit Ethernet interface
64/64 I/O Record/Play channels on PCIe bus
64/64 I/O MADI (AES10) optical channels (option)
Ultra-low sub-millisecond round trip latency
Fully compliant with AES67 interoperability recommendations, including Unicast SIP support
Packet size from 128 down to 1 audio sample per RAVENNA packet
Local clock eligible as PTP Grand Master
Zero delay embedded routing matrix for AoIP / MADI / PC channels
Performance maintained regardless of the computational load of applications running on the host system
Fully configurable through Web user interface and EMBER+ protocol