Infinity Beltpack


The Telos Infinity BP-2 is a next-generation wired Dual Channel Partyline Beltpack that is powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet) and is natively AES67 compliant. Whether via Partyline, Group, IFB, Peer to Peer, or connection to any other IP audio networked element within the wider Telos Infinity IP Intercom, devices communicate across the network seamlessly while maintaining incredibly low latency.

Multiple INF-BP-2’s can be daisy chained together, powered from the same physical PoE port, providing a functionally superior alternative to traditional 2-wire or digital audio based partyline systems.


Dual channel duplex communication plus auxiliary program source

24bit 48kHz IP audio

Natively Livewire+ AES67 compliant

Rugged, lightweight design with interchangeable belt clip/mounting accessory

Network connection via standard 100mbit Ethernet

PoE or PoE+ with managed daisy chain connectivity

Headset connector supporting industry standard XLR-4M or XLR-5M (option)

Mono, Dual Mono & Stereo modes headset listen modes

Internal mic/speaker for handsfree walkie-talkie, desktop or wallmount use

Configurable dynamics processing for improved speech intelligibility

Full configuration via Telos Infinity Dashboard

Device management via built-in Web UI