IQOYA V*MOTE stereo IP Audio Codec


By installing IQOYA V*MOTE and an audio interface on their laptops, live field reporters and voice talent now have a professional-grade contribution codec in full-duplex with news rooms or production studios


100% software broadcast-quality IP audio solution

Easy connection to / from any studio using SIP or FluidIP™ symmetrical RTP protocol

Profiles management & connection book

Full EBU Tech 3326 (ACIP) interoperability with third party ACIP codecs

Audio compression algorithms: PCM linear 16/24, ISO MPEG-1/2 L1, L2, L3 – ITU G.711/722, Fraunhofer® MPEG-4 AAC (LC, LD, HE-v2, ELD), Optional Enhanced-aptX

IQOYA V*MOTE can be remotely controlled, providing assistance when used with IQOYA V*CALL software codec: ON AIR signal light, talkback signal light, audio settings such as AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and automatic local backup recording

Windows™ XP, Vista, 7 compatible

To facilitate mobile networks with poor SIP interoperability, V*MOTE 2.0 includes a Symmetrical RTP mode to overcome tricky NAT traversal situations

The contribution input – usually a microphone – may be either mono or stereo. Apply the included AGC (Automatic Gain Control) preset if necessary and send the resulting signal to the studio. The modulation of the transmitted signal is conveniently displayed in a VU-meter