IQOYA V*CALL Stereo IP Audio Codec


IQOYA V*CALL offers simple hassle-free ergonomics to perform easy outgoing or incoming connection with any remote ACIP codec. This professional audio codec offers high quality audio via an on air console which is simply achieved through any professional soundcard such as Digigram VX222; virtual connection with your favourite editor or automation system providing on-the-fly voice track, ingest recording, or playback return to distant codecs with pre-recorded material or jingles; IP Studio interface performs seamless transcoding of program redistribution or return, in full compliance with your internal Audio-over IP infrastructure


Quick & easy phone-like connection with remote talent, using SIP or FluidIP™ symmetrical RTP protocol

Super-fast dial-up and configuration via profiles & connection book management

Multiple connections with studio infrastructure

Remote control, diagnostic and IP metrics of distant IQOYA V*MOTE codec

Symmetrical RTP mode with auto-answer for simple infrastructures without SIP

Full duplex EBU Tech 3326 (ACIP) and Tech 3347 (I3P) interoperability

Robust FluidIP™ connection with jitter, loss, drift and FEC management

Complete selection of audio compression algorithms

Superior Fraunhofer™ error concealment

100% software broadcast-quality IP audio solution

Windows™ XP, Vista, 7 compatible