Fusion Consoles

Fusion AoIP Mixing Console

Fusion is the new Axia modular console packed with features and capabilities refined from over a decade's worth of IP-Audio experience. Fusion : where design, technology and knowledge intersect.

Studio Mixing Engine

Fanless, standalone Linux-based mixing engine with dual-redundant power supplies, for Axia Fusion and Element AoIP consoles.

Powerstation Integrated Console Engine

PowerStation is an all-in-one mixing engine for Axia Fusion and Element consoles that combines audio I/O, console power supply, mixing engine and built-for-broadcast network switch into one easy-to-deploy package.

Pathfinder Routing Control

PathfinderPC and PathfinderPRO router control tools are an amazingly rich set of tools that can help you automatically customize and command your entire Axia network.

Pathfinder Core Pro

Routing Automation & Facility Management Appliance

Studio Control Panels

Routing and mic / headphone control panels for turret-mounting or desktop flush-mounting put controls right at talent's fingertips.


If you've ever wanted to give talent remote control of your mixing console -- or even construct a "virtual console" that controls a mixing engine with no physical surface -- Axia SoftSurface is what you're after.