How can I move the PhoneBOX2 server installation to a fresh machine?

Install PhoneBOX2 onto the fresh machine (selecting the server install option) as per normal installation.

Copy the server.ini, PhoneBOX2Config.mdb, and PhoneBOX2Calls.mdb (if available) from the install folder on the original machine. This will be located in the folder C:\Program Files\Broadcast Bionics\PhoneBOX2\server to the install folder on the fresh machine.

If the fresh machine is to have a different machine name or IP address it may be necessary to update the PhoneBOX2Client.ini file on each client PC to reflect the new server name/address.

NOTE - If a database other than the built in database is being used (as indicated in the server.ini file) then seperate arrangements should be made to ensure this data is moved onto the new PC if it is stored on the PC to be replaced.

How can I add support for Kemit2 as a switcher in PhoneBOX server?

Configuring Kermit2 application

Add the following to the kermit.ini....

server =PB2SERVER
localport =9001
remoteport =2883

You are then able to setup vadis inputs with a target of phonebox. The 'index' column in Kermit2 indicates what input number the input will relate to in the switcher configuration of PB2.

Configuring PB switcher...

Add a switcher of type 'remote switcher' with parameters....

-ipaddress (of kermit)
-localport (2883 in example above - eg the opposite of the kermit settings)
-remoteport (9001 in example above).

It will then be possible to add inputs to this switcher. The input number directly relates to the 'index' shown in Kermit in the 'vadis inputs' tab.

For example, once the above has been configured, setting up the 2nd input in Kermit to react to a button press in Vadis will cause the corresponding input 2 in PB2 to be triggered whenever a button is pressed in Vadis.

What ini file options are available for a PhoneBOX2 client?

address =
port =2879
;backupaddress = (Backup Server)
port =2879
;alternateaddress1 = (Other Server)
;alternateaddress2 = Server)

devicelayout =deviceLayoutName

dragTimeout =5
MouseDownRightClickTimeMSec =0
DragSize =10
autoupdate =0

;Startup position on screen
x =0
y =0

;Allows font size changing of chat details

;Allows font size changing of call details to accomodate long names

;Allows alternate sized lines to be specified

What command line arguments are available for the client?

/CONFIG:xxx - use a specified client configuration (xxx). If this option is not used then the name of the PC will be used to determine the client configuration.

/NOMIN - Prevent client being minimsed [version 2 only]

/CHATNAME:xxx - Name shown to other clients in chat [version 2 only]

What ini file settings are available to enable accessibility options within PhoneBOX client?

The entries below can be added to the client ini file.
They refer to WAV files located in a subfolder called 'sound'.
Example sounds are attached.

ring =ring1.wav

;Priority settings allow an XD for example to ring with a different ring to the default
priorityring =ring2.wav
priority =XDServiceName

;No and yes sounds confirm key presses to allow user to know success/failure of their action
no =no.wav
yes =yes.wav

occupied =occupied.wav
live =live.wav
clear =clear.wav

;The number WAV files used during announcements. ? symbol is replaced with the number. Two sets of numbers are included in the zip file - ?.wav and ?fast.wav - the later being shorter wav files.
numbers =?fast.wav

How do I update to the latest version of PhoneBOX 2?

PhoneBOX 2 can be updated by downloading the latest update from our website. The auto updater function means that once this update is applied to your server PC it will rollout to all clients upon their connection to the server.

It is important to note that should you be updating from a version pre-dating then you should update to initially as there are some database changes that will need to be made in 2 stages.

For any further assistance on updating please contact Broadcast Bionics support.

How do I add my own phonebooks?

In PhoneBOX 2 you can add custom phonebooks and specifiy which show these are available to. This is on the Phonebooks section of the configuration screen. Click add enter a name and click apply then click on that phonebook in the list and click select shows to specify which shows are able to access that phonebook.

How do I add extra dispositions?

[Version 2]
In the config screen click on Dispositions which is near the top, read through the warning (this will advise you on the consequences of modifying existing dispositions). Once you have read and confirmed this click on Add, type in a Disposition Description and click apply, then highlight this disposition in the list and click Caller Disposition Values, click add and fill in the necessary values here including description, specifying which image to display and a varying score if approproiate click OK and your values will have been saved. OK to return to main config screen.

How do I get into the config screen?

[Version 3]
Use a web browser and go to http://servername:3000

[Version 2]
On the server PC, right click the PhoneBOX server icon in the system tray (bottom right hand corner of the screen) and click configure. Please note that you should only make changes here if you know what you are doing or have received instructions from our support team.

I am getting a message in my PhoneBOX server log file saying "user not found / password incorrect" what does this mean?

This means that either a user has been defined on the IP Office which does not have a physical extension (port) associated with it or there is a mis-match between the password set for an extension in the PhoneBOX config and the password set for the relating user on the IP Office config. You need to ensure that in both PhoneBOX and the IP Office the password is set to "extnpwd"

What do each of the saving options in the Manager application do?

Immediately - The unit powers down and warm reboots saving the changes you have made, recommended if you do not know if a merge will make the change and if there are no calls in the system.

Merge - Saves the information back without any rebooting of the unit and therefore any interruption to the service. The newer the version of software/firmware you are running the more you can merge back, Version 3.0 allows merging of most functions apart from things like System and Extension changes.

When Free - The unit will wait until there are no calls in the system before rebooting and making the changes you have specified.

None - Does not save changes or reboot the unit

You can also specify whether to bar incoming and outgoing calls if available and a time when the unit should reboot.

Where does the IP Office pickup it's time from?

The IP Office has an IP address entry in the system section and on the first system tab, you should specify a valid time server here. We normally recommend that you point the IP Office to your PhoneBOX server PC and that the PhoneBOX server PC is in turn using a time server on the web such as that can be specified on XP based systems.

If your phones are displaying the wrong time, make sure the above settings are in place.

How do I update the firmware for my IP Office?

PhoneBOX uses Avaya hardware for the main part of the system and it is being updated regularly.

If you have bugs or problems that you feel may be fixed by a firmware upgrade then please contact Broadcast Bionics.

You should avoid updating firmware without consulting Broadcast Bionics first and when updating firmware you should be aware that although problems in the upgrading process are rare that there can be complications and should aim to upgrade during a time where the PhoneBOX and other phones connected are under minimal or no use.

Some units such as the 403 (PhoneBOX 3-X) have multi step upgrade paths when upgrading the new versions of firmware.

I am no longer receiving hunt group calls!

I am no longer receiving hunt group calls

If you are using an Avaya 20xx series display handset (you can check this by looking underneath the phone where it will state 2030 or 2050) you have a group button which may have been accidentally pressed. If it does not have a dot above it on the display, press it and the dot should appear which will put you back in the hunt group.

My PhoneBOX2 server says it's running, I can't see it, how do I close it?

"There is already an instance of PhoneBOX2 Server running. Check the task tray for a red PhoneBOX2 icon. Alternatively PhoneBOX2 may be running as a service"

Sometimes if the system or PhoneBOX itself has a problem it may not appear to be in the system tray but running somewhere in the background. In this instance you will need to press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to bring up task manager and goto processes, find "PhoneBOX2Server.exe" and End the process.

You will then be able to run up PhoneBOX server as normal using your desktop or start menu shortcut.

Which order do I power up my IP Office modules?

The expansion modules can be brought up in any order but they must all be up and running with a green power light showing before you plug the main unit(403/406/412,IP500) in.

Enabling classic authentication on Windows XP Professional

Click on the start menu and click on control panel, then go into Administrative tools. In there double click on local security policy.

On the left hand list click on Local Policies then Security Options and sort by security setting, scroll down and find the Policy that has this security settings.

Double click and change the drop down from Guest Only to Classic.

Enabling automatic logon in Windows XP

Click Start, click Run, and type control userpasswords2. Clear the ssers must enter a username and password to use this computer check box and click apply.
Enter the user name and password you wish to automatically log on with, and then click OK. Click OK again and you're all done.

I have "stuck calls" on the PhoneBOX system or I want to remove a call manually, how do I clear these?

[Version 3]
In the web administration click on Admin, then Config, then status. Click the green refresh icon to the right of calls and click to remove.

[Version 2]
On the server PC, double click the PhoneBOX server icon in the system tray which will bring up call status, tick the Add new calls to status box in the top left and click Refresh call status. Any calls in the system will now be listed and you can right click and drop any that you wish.

Use caution when doing this, you need to make sure you are not hanging up a genuine call!

What additional PhoneBOX hardware is there?

PhoneBOX Music On Hold Interface V1

This supports up to 12 analogue hold ports which connect into the PhoneBOX 8A, 16A and 30A modules.

PhoneBOX Music On Hold Interface V2

This supports single port music on hold for efficiency in that each hold only uses one port on the 'A' modules. The MOH rack can hold up to 2 units each supporting 3 seperate music on holds.


The GPIO Box comes in 2 variants, 8 and 16 which each in turn support those number of inputs/outputs. Available in both serial and IP connectivity forms.

PhoneBOX TBU's

The DHY02 and HY03 Sonifex units are offered as fully customised PhoneBOX versions both in their look and they are internally modified to be fully compatible with other PhoneBOX hardware.

How do I setup my IP based GPIO Box?

The GPIO Box needs to be setup initially by serial lead and hyperterminal, you should have been supplied an appropriate lead even though ultimately it will be connected via your network.

Connect a cross-over serial cable between the GPIO Interface and your PC and then connect to the GPIO unit using HyperTerminal. Connection settings:

o Bits per second: 9600
o Data bits: 8
o Parity: None
o Stop bits: 1
o Flow control: None

Note - When first connecting to the unit through HyperTerminal, nothing will be displayed. This is normal.

To set the connection details type ‘config’. A summary of current settings will be shown as below, the last line prompting if you would like to change the settings.

Enter ‘y’ and press return to change the settings. (Italic values indicate user entered details).

IP -
Subnet Mask -
Gateway -
Port - 10303

Change Settings? -y [n] y

You will then be prompted as below for each network setting. The default option (if you enter nothing) is to make no change to the current setting, so for values you don’t want to change simply hit RETURN.

IP - - New Value [No Chnage] -
Subnet Mask - - New Value [No Change] -
Gateway - - New Value [No Change] -
Port - 10303 - New Value [No Change] –

After the four options above have been changed, the unit will then summarise the stored details as below.

Configuration Updated

IP -
Subnet Mask -
Gateway -
Port - 10303


How to I trace things in detail on the IP Office?

The Admin suite which we install at all sites running IP Office and/or our PhoneBOX system includes a Monitor application with various tracing options for narrowing down problems.

Trace Options :
Allows you to select and filter trace captured by Monitor based on a range of categories:

ATM: Monitor analog trunk traffic and events.

Call: Monitoring of extensions and calls.

DTE: Monitoring of the Control Unit's DTE port.

EConf: Monitor conference and conferencing server events.

Frame Relay: Monitoring of Frame Relay traffic and events.

GOD: For use by Avaya development engineers only.

H.323: Monitoring of H.323 traffic and events.

Interface: Monitoring IP interfaces such as NAT and the Firewall.

ISDN: Monitor ISDN traffic and events.

Key/Lamp: Monitor appearance functions

LDAP: Monitor LDAP traffic and events.

PPP: Monitor PPP traffic and events.

R2: Monitor R2 trunk traffic and events.

Routing: Monitor IP traffic and events.

SNMP: Monitor SNMP events.

System: Monitor internal events.

T1: Monitor T1 traffic and events.

VPN: Monitor VPN events.

WAN: Monitor WAN traffic and events.

Voicemail has stopped working!

If running Voicemail Lite then you will need to ensure that the application is running on your server PC (or PC where voicemail is installed). If it is not then goto Start > Programs > IP Office and click on Voicemail server.

If running Voicemail Pro then the voicemail functionality runs as a service, you will need to go into services (located within administrative tools of the control panel) and see if it's running, if it isn't then start it, if it is then try restarting the service.

Voicemail pro is also licensed so you will need to ensure that the license key dongle (serial/USB/Parallel) is definately plugged into the back of the PC and that in the system tray you have a red dongle icon not one with a red cross through it. If it's connected but you have a red cross you may need to try rebooting the PC.

You can also check in the manager application under the licenses section to make sure that the IP Office thinks it has a valid license, if it says invalid then you may need to reboot the PC or the IP Office unit or both.

The PhoneBOX 6-X engine from June 2005 onwards is based on the 406 V2 unit and may have a serial dongle plugged directly into the back, if this is the case then this elimiates the feature key server and rebooting the unit should resolve any invalid license issues.

Windows shortcut keys

The following keys when pressed with the windows key have useful shortcut functions. For all you need to hold down the windows key and press the button listed below.

D - Minimises all windows and shows the desktop

E - Runs Windows explorer

F - Opens file search window

R - Brings up the run window

L - Locks the workstation

F1 - Brings up help

Event ID 7009 in sytem event log when PhoneBOX is set to run as a service.

When PhoneBOX is set to run as a service you receive the follow error in the system event log on boot.

Event Type: Error

Event Source: Service Control Manager

Event Category: None

Event ID: 7009

Date: 28/07/2005

Time: 12:15:50

User: N/A



Timeout (30000 milliseconds) waiting for the PhoneBOX 2 Server service to connect.

This is typically because this system was busy when starting up and PhoneBOX took longer than the default 30 seconds to enter a running state. To resolve this problem try increasing the timeout value in the registry for the PhoneBOX2 service.

Subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\PhoneBOX2Server
Name: ServicesPipeTimeout
Data: 60000 – Sets the timeout to 1 minute

How do i configure the Sonifex DHY03 for use with PhoneBOX?

There are two ways to configure the unit:

Use the serial control interface, select the mode menu, then settings, and then select option 119 from the drop down region setting box. Click on the upload settings menu.

This can also manually be configured by setting switches 1-7 ( where 1 = ON) 1110111 and re-powering the unit. After powering up change the switches back to their normal settings.

How do I set my Sonifex TBU (HY03 or DHY03) to goto line connect automatically when re-powered?

For the analogue HY03, pins 1 and 2 need to be shorted, for the digital DHY03, you will need to obtain appropriate settings (contact Bionics) to be programmed into the SCI serial interface to the DHY03. TBU's ordered directly from Broadcast Bionics will come with a serial plug for you to attach to do this automatically. If you have not received one or require one please contact us.

How do i purge the sql transaction log file?

Use the following sql query:
dump tran databasename with no_log

How do i create my own Disposition graphics?

Graphics can be gif or jpg format and should be 22 x 22 pixels.

How can I move a PhoneBOX2 client installation to a fresh machine?

Install PhoneBOX2 onto the fresh machine (selecting the client install option) as per normal installation.

Copy the PhoneBOX2Client.ini from the install folder on the original machine. This will be located in the folder C:\Program Files\Broadcast Bionics\PhoneBOX2 to the install folder on the fresh machine.

Check the shortcuts to PhoneBOX2 on the original machine and copy and command line parameters from the original shortcut to the shortcuts on the fresh PC. There are likely to be shortcuts both in the Start Menu and on the Desktop (there may be no command line parameters specified - this is not indicative of a problem).

Check that the new client connects correctly. If the client errors with a message similar to 'Your device configuration could not be found. Please contact the PhoneBOX administrator.' it may be necessary to rename the device layout used by the old machine to the name of the new machine. This is beyond the scope of this document and you should contact Broadcast Bionics for further assistance.