Genesys advanced radio automation

Thinking Automation...

Genesys sets a new benchmark for Radio Automation systems. It has been designed from the ground up to utilize the latest technology and comply with all industry formats and standards. Genesys represents an entirely new solution to a now well understood set of problems. Genesys extends and combines existing best practice with an innovative and baggage free architecture that allows radical new advances in user interface, technical design and infrastructure which older Automation systems cannot provide. Radio Automation systems have evolved to perform a central role in the way radio is produced today, Genesys is a huge new step forward in creativity, power and information management. This revolution breaks the mould of proprietary legacy systems, breaks the constraints of technical limitations on creative freedom and has been designed to integrate with the modern networked enterprise.

Think... Creativity

Genesys provides users with a creative tool which empowers them to work in tandem with the technology and not be dominated by it. Gone are all the limitations of traditional hard disk systems, in their place is an environment which provides a clear simple interface that exposes the full power of the remarkable Genesys audio engine. Real transport, cueing, jog/shuttle and pitch controls give presenters total control of live links. Audio elements can be dragged and dropped from the log or library directly to the playlist, hotkeys or decks. In Genesys you can cue or play any item at any time on any deck, or play multiple items on a single deck while retaining individual control of each item. Instant access to the entire library as well as advanced collections of audio which can automatically rotate randomly, in sequence, or by time/date, and even split content automatically across networks.

Think... Information

Radio is now about more than audio, Genesys is the hub of a content management system and network delivering information to multiple locations, platforms and media. Genesys give the presenter access to information about tracks, artists, local news, weather and travel all via a simple clean interface. As well as audio Genesys can store graphics, web pages, URL links, etc. This information can also be made available externally to provide dynamic content on the Web, DLS, DDAB, and RDS.

Think... Enterprise

Genesys works to integrate all aspects of content presentation across your station, group or enterprise. Seamless integration with your LAN,WAN or VPN means audio, logs, voicetracks and audits distribute in the background. Network automation, events and remote site management are all core parts of the Genesys infrastructure.

Think... Power

Behind the scenes Genesys provides the toolkit to control advanced audio splits and routing. Its programmable functions give you the ability to build complex sequences into a simple event which can be scheduled or executed on a hotkey. Advanced automation allows programming the freedom to sound fresh and creative 24 hours a day, even during automation and voice-tracked shows. You can integrate live events and back timing so automation is no longer a last resort or poor relation. The Genesys Audio Engine runs as a Windows™ Service giving it the ultimate in processor priority and reliability. The Audio Engine can run on the Genesys PC or separately. The Audio Engine can share resources across several Genesys workstations allowing network control of both audio and connected routers and other auxiliary devices. Genesys allows multiple feeds or logs to run using separate decks in a single system. This allows very efficient network/satellite splits. Remote monitoring of these feeds allows total control and transparency of even the most advanced configurations.

Think... Compatability

Genesys can directly play apt-X, MPEG and linear audio using a wide variety of soundcards, from standard windows wave driver cards to advanced professional cards from the Digigram VX, PCX and Mixart family. Genesys stores audio directly in the industry standard WAV format and integrates with commercial off the shelf editors and technology such as Adobe Audition giving access to the inventory at every desktop.

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