Anywhere – Revolutionising live contributions on air

You already have listeners who stream your station through their computer via the internet, and as converged technology progresses, their numbers are set to increase. How do you ensure that your talk show still gets live contributions from those listeners? Anywhere is the answer! Anywhere is an amazing new web based communications platform designed especially for Radio & TV Stations allowing listeners to communicate directly with the studio from any computer. Simply using the Anywhere portal embeded on your website, one click connects them to your studio;

  • Initiate a VoIP call to the studio
  • Share a picture using your webcam
  • Share video using your webcam
  • Chat with the studio using instant messaging
  • Register opinions for a track
  • Agree or disagree with a discussion all using a simple click of your mouse

Screen Shots - Pre-screening details

A simple registration process captures all the listener information you need in the studio to be able to pre-screen contributions and even a photo, and using instant messaging, the studio call screener can continue to assess suitability to progress the call to air. Use the registration details to asses the demographics of your online listenership. Link Anywhere directly into your PhoneBOX system and have a photo of the caller displayed on the line along side the caller details on the line display. Share video or photographs of your Anywhere callers in real time with other web listeners via your online streaming. Record and archive the conversation, top and tail it with advertising and make a link avialable to the contributor to share via Social Networking Mediums.

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