Nova 29


The are some tasks that require the complete works, a comprehensive solution, the full program. Yet there are other challenges where total flexibility is actually not necessary – challenges centred around one specific task. That’s the principle behind the Nova29 – the Lawo router that gets straight to the point. Specifically, this means that the Nova29 is the perfect router for up to a maximum of 16 clients. A network centre, based on MADI technology, universally applicable, and at a very attractive price.


16 MADI ports
1024 x 1024 I/O (in addition to internal signals)
Transparent signal routing
Compact 1 RU design
Simple port redundancy, configurable with other Lawo products (zirkon, crystal, Nova17)
Fast visual feedback with coloured LED indicators above each MADI port: ‘Redundancy’, ‘MADI present’, ‘Port configured’, ‘Port not configured’
Powered AC adaptor (included) or optional redundant power supply (951/25)
Configuration/maintenance via zirkon.exe software and SOP Explorer
Currently set crosspoints are retained if a new configuration is loaded
Full compatibility with other Lawo products (zirkon, crystal, VisTool, panels, etc.)
Sample rate switchable between 44.1 and 48 kHz
Up to 30 panels can be connected
MADI ports in 56 or 64 channel mode
256 loopbacks
128x8 GPIO via MADI (GPIO tunnel), GPIO network 10 x 32 + 10 x 10 VCAs
64 x 64 talkback matrix
64 mini mixers (stereo), each with one individual talkback input
128 PPMs (mono), each including Silence Detect, loopback available
Integration of different protocols (DMS, KPF, NTP)
Nova Connect included