VX Prime + VoIP Telephone System


Telos VX talk-show systems are the world’s only true VoIP-based broadcast phone systems. The VX Prime gives you incredible operational power, flexible, adaptable workflows, and superior audio quality—a powerful broadcast phone solution that’s economical enough for stations with just two or three studios. VX Prime connects to VoIP-based PBX systems and SIP carriers to take advantage of low-cost and high reliability service offerings. VX Prime makes it easier than ever for talent to have complete mastery of their callers. No other broadcast phone system delivers the power of VoIP to the broadcast studio like Telos VX. With VX Prime, the world’s leading broadcast phone system is now available to those with smaller budgets, giving you big studio sound at a small studio prices. Simply put, you’re paying for the capability you need, and nothing extra.


A true VoIP telephone system designed and built specifically for broadcasting; VX Prime is ideal for small to medium studios with two to four stations.
SIP call-handling throughout—no internal conversion to analog call handling like some other so-called “VoIP” systems.
Standards-based SIP interface integrates with Asterisk open-source SIP phone servers and most VoIP-based PBX systems to allow transfers and common telco services for business and studio phones.
Standard Ethernet backbone provides a common transport path for both studio audio and telecom needs, resulting in cost savings and a simplified studio infrastructure.
System capacity of eight hybrids. Each call placed on the air receives a dedicated hybrid for unmatched clarity and superior conferencing.
Native Livewire integration—one connection integrates caller audio, program-on-hold, mix-minus, and logic directly into Axia AoIP consoles and networks.
Connect VX systems to any third-party radio console or other broadcast equipment using available Multipurpose, AES/EBU, and GPIO interfaces. Audio interfaces feature 48 kHz sampling rate and studio-grade 24-bit A/D converters with 256x oversampling.
Powerful dynamic line management enables instant reallocation of call-in lines to studios requiring increased capacity.
VSet phone controllers with full-color LCD displays and Telos Status Symbols present producers and talent with a rich graphical information display. Each VSet features its own address book and call log.
Drop-in Call Controller modules can integrate VX phone control directly into your mixing consoles.
Included XScreen Lite screening software with built-in soft-phone allows a “phone” connection on any networked PC. Integrated recorder/editor simplifies recording of off-air conversations.
Clear, clean caller audio from fifth-generation Telos Adaptive Hybrid technology, including Digital Dynamic EQ, AGC, adjustable caller ducking, and send- and receive-audio dynamics processing by Omnia.
Support for G.722 “HD Voice” codec enables high-fidelity (7 khz) phone calls from SIP telephone sets and softphones.
Works with POTS, T1/E1, ISDN and SIP Trunking telco services for maximum flexibility and cost savings, via standard Telco gateways.*
* Due to the wide variation in how traditional phone service can be delivered, and the complexities that can be involved in converting those services to SIP, we really want to talk with you about your system design before you order. Telos has VX System engineers standing by to help you draw up a configuration that will ensure your VX purchase will perform to your expectations when using traditional POTS and ISDN lines.