AudioTools Voice


Dialog intelligibility is a critical part of any successful mix for film, television, or commercial media. When people speak on screen, they’re meant to be heard and understood. When viewers struggle to discern what is being said, impact is replaced with frustration as they are abruptly pulled out of the moment. Even if your mix is right in the studio, loudness processing and encoding for distribution or transmission can further diminish the separation and space present in your original mix.

Like any critical element in the mix, dialog needs to sit comfortably “in the pocket”, remaining clear, dominant, and concise, but also needs to blend cohesively into other audio elements in support of the visual content.

With the importance of easily understanding dialog in mind, The Telos Alliance is pleased to introduce AudioTools Voice – the first and only dialog intelligibility enhancement tool that draws viewer’s attention to the human voice without adding gain, EQ or any other type of traditional signal processing. Drawing upon the results of significant research into how humans respond to, perceive, and process sound, AudioTools Voice allows the audience to more easily hear and concentrate on the spoken word within a mix. This provides dialog with the elusive and much sought-after sense of space by adding critical missing cues that our brains need to fully comprehend a signal as if were live and real.

The AudioTools Voice plug-in is available for the industry-leading file-based audio automation platform, Minnetonka Audio’s AudioTools Server, which is in use by most if not all major broadcasters around the world.


Dialogue intelligibility tool that enhances the cues our brain uses to identify important sounds
Compatible with Mono, Stereo and Multichannel audio