AudioTools Server


Quality-first Audio Automation

AudioTools Server is a collection of enterprise-ready audio solutions designed to add file-based expertise to automated environments. The AudioTools Server family represents decades of expertise encapsulated in flexible, focused packages of audio specialization.

AudioTools Server automates the most sophisticated audio tasks and offers a wide variety of processing, specifically created for use in cable, satellite, terrestrial and IPTV, radio, and post production facilities. As a pure software platform running on commodity hardware, including VM or cloud deployment, AudioTools Server is flexible and customizable, allowing for new workflows as requirements inevitably change.

  • State-of-the-art audio processing
  • Customized, efficient file-based workflows
  • Unrivalled loudness tools
  • Compliance to broadcast standards
  • Interoperability with major environments
  • Modular scalable platform

AudioTools Server - Leader in Loudness

Loudness Control is a significant use case that employs Linear Acoustic APTO™ loudness processing. Our loudness normalization processes are designed to fully preserve the existing audio and only apply a gain change combined with optional peak limiting.

There are other use cases that require changing the dynamic range and other more complex parameters of the audio content and can control dialogue intelligibility. AudioTools Advanced Loudness Adaptation, for example, is a collection of intelligent loudness profiles, adapting a theatrical audio mix for broadcast, and creating the best possible audio experience for all modern platforms such as OTT/web, mobile/handheld and VOD/SVOD.


Loudness Measurement & Adjustment

State-of-the-art loudness control based on international standards & practices. AudioTools Advanced Loudness Adaptation profiles for improved and compliant dialog intelligibility in high-dynamic range content.

Audio Adaptation

Automated adaptation of audio content to required output specifications, including: upmix, downmix, channel management, and frame rate conversion.

Dolby Automation

Automated Dolby E and Dolby Digital encoding and decoding including metadata handling. Dolby E quality control, with optional correction.

Quality Control

Audio specific quality control of audio files or container formats, including channel assignment detection and correlation check.

Content & Formats

AudioTools Server is a complete solution for managing and processing audio formats. With audio at the center of a complex audio ecosystem, a payload may contain “containerized” video assets, transport streams, Dolby–encoded content, and metadata, requiring that each layer of the asset must be carefully handled.


Linear PCM Audio: AIFF, WAV, RF64 Codecs: Dolby E, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pro Logic II, mp2, mp3, MPEG-4, HE-AAC, AAC Container: MXF, QuickTime™, LXF, GXF, selected Transport Streams