AudioTools Cloud


Quality-First On-Demand Audio Processing

AudioTools Cloud™ is an advanced audio processing solution for audio, video, and broadcast professionals that provides loudness control, encoding, decoding, channel management, frame rate conversion, quality control, and container management from an easy-to-use user interface designed for the Amazon AWS Marketplace.

AudioTools Cloud is based on Minnetonka’s AudioTools™ Server – a platform that delivers interoperable, scalable, file-based audio automation. AudioTools Server has become the number one enterprise level platform for automated and unattended file-based audio processing and has helped broadcasters add Loudness Management processes to their existing video-centric file-based environments.

From the occasional job, to expanding throughput for higher volume workloads, AudioTools Cloud brings proven processes to the cloud, allowing on-demand, case-by-case use (OPEX) vs larger CAPEX sized projects. Businesses only pay for the infrastructure they need, when they need it.


Professional file-based audioprocessing
Extensive selection of job types
Intuitive user interface enables complete control over every job parameter
Support for global loudness compliance standards
SurCode encoding and decoding technologies included
3 flexible configurations

AudioTools Cloud ON-DEMAND is available as different Amazon EC2 instances. Each instance will launch the AudioTools Cloud Web Client Interface. Users can choose to upload content to Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). After the upload is complete, select your input buckets, output buckets, and audio processing parameters.

Users pay for the EC2 instance, storage, and AudioTools Cloud software.