SurCode for Dolby E


The Industry Standard for Dolby E on Your Workstation

Dolby E is the industry standard method of transporting multichannel digital audio across an asset’s entire post–production life cycle. As the first and most complete tool kit for Dolby E, SurCode for Dolby E is a certified Dolby E encoder and decoder suite that allows fast and easy processing and management of file-based Dolby E assets and metadata.

  • Structured workflow
  • Increased productivity
  • Flexible license handling
  • Encode, decode & monitor
  • Broad platform support – Avid, Adobe, Final Cut & VST
  • Interoperable with Dolby hardware
  • Lowest cost Dolby monitoring solution in the industry

Easy & FlexibleWorkflow

SurCode for Dolby E provides a simple and flexible workflow tailored specifically to your platform andworkstation.Allplatforms,includingPro Tools, MediaComposer,NewsCutter,Symphony,Adobe Premiere, VST and Final Cut are included on a singlelicense.

  • Settings are conveniently embedded in your session for instant recall orrework
  • Supports all Dolbymetadata
  • Choose the best way to integrate into your ownworkflow

Complete Metadata Management

SurCode for Dolby E generates and preserves all Dolby metadata. This gives broadcast professionals the ability to control channel mode, downmix parameters, profiles, dialog level and other ancillary metadata. Browse or drag and drop DBMD to read existing metadata since SurCode for Dolby E imports and exports metadata as:

  • DBMD - add your Dolby metadata chunk into WAVheaders
  • XML - universal format for AudioTools Server or any XML–awareapplication
  • Text - human–readable metadata for manual QC

SurCode for Dolby E Plugin

SurCode for Dolby E includes encoder and decoder plug–ins for Pro Tools, Final Cut, Symphony, Media Composer, NewsCutter, and VST versions for qualified surround–capable workstations such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Nuendo, Pyramix, Sequoia and Fairlight.


SurCode for Dolby E Encoder

SurCode for Dolby E Encoder provides in–depth Dolby E encoding, supporting all Dolby E encoder program configurations. Dolby E and program metadata are displayed and can be updated, all via a simple, tabbed user interface. The SurCode for Dolby E Encoder plug–in seamlessly integrates with your workstation using the current session information.

  • Pro Tools, Media Composer & NewsCutter AudioSuite; cross–platform VST & Final Cut Pro Export
  • Up to 8 input channels, with flexible input routing
  • Full metadata management
  • Includes plug–in templates & presets
  • DBMD import/export
  • DP600 emulation option for guard band & other file settings
  • Optionally enable or disable timecode in encoded files
  • Frame offset control for tape–based or Dolby hardware layback
  • Supports both dual mono or single interleaved WAV files
  • Stream metadata from legacy hardware via optional USB-to-RS-422 serial cable

SurDoce for Dolby E Decoder

SurCode for Dolby E Decoder decodes Dolby E files or streams, and provides output and routing of audio streams. Playback control is at your fingertips, with convenient program selection that optionally routes stereo audio to your default 1/2 bus pair, eliminating the need to repatch. The user interface displays program configuration, output metering, metadata, decoding status and a decoding error indicator for both the Dolby E file and individual programs. SurCode for Dolby E Decoder also enables real time testing and playback for tight and consistent quality control.

  • Supports all Dolby E encoder program configurations including 5.1 + 2
  • Dolby E Data Bit Depth of 20 or 16 bit
  • Up to 8 output channels per file or stream
  • Export DBMD chunk, XML or text metadata
  • Provides both peak & RMS metering (AAX, VST, RTAS & AudioSuite)
  • Display & update Dolby E + per-program metadata
  • Save user–defined presets

SurCode for Dolby E Stream Player

The SurCode for Dolby E Stream Player plug–in delivers real time decoding capability for all your post–production stakeholders, even when they are only equipped for stereo routing playback. As a complement to a complete Dolby E workflow or, a low cost quality control solution for any of your rooms, SurCode for Dolby E Stream Player easily integrates the Dolby E format into existing workflows across platforms and applications, providing more choice for video post production professionals. It’s a problem solver for broadcasters, contractors, second units, location crews and anyone who needs to incorporate Dolby E into their workflow without the bulk and expense of full surround. SurCode for Dolby E Stream Player enhances NewsCutter, Media Composer, Symphony, Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro 6 or 7 plus Nuendo, Pyramix and Fairlight or qualified VST hosts.

  • Real time downmixing of 5.1 to stereo
  • Downmix parameters taken directly from Dolby E metadata for a true emulation
  • Real time program selection during playback
  • Adjustable downmix headroom control
  • Comprehensive Dolby E metadata display
  • Export DBMD chunk, XML or text metadata