Ruby Power Core


I/O forever. Base I/O includes four HD MADI ports and two AES67 connections. That’s a staggering 384 channels of stereo audio, standard. Want more? Rear-panel slots are waiting to accept up to eight more mic, line, digital, and MADI I/O modules. DSP for days. Power Core is a signal-processing superhero. Use DSP channels to apply parametric EQ, shelf, and bandpass filters. Gate, limit, expand, compress, and de-ess to your heart’s delight. Up to 96 channels of DSP processing! Overkill? Not when you’re the pro who needs it. Expand. Customize. Connect. Power Core has an amazing amount of HD MADI and AES67 I/O. And you can add even more. 8 expansion slots accept available mic, line, AES3, MADI, and Studio I/O cards. It’s the most flexible mixing engine ever. The DSP difference. You’d need 24 regular consoles to equal the DSP in Power Core. Why so much? Advantages like Lawo AutoMix, for one. Assign up to 32 signals – stereo or mono – to AutoMix. Then watch the magic as levels are perfectly, dynamically managed faster than hands can move. Your talk shows never had it so good.


96 DSP Channels* - Each channel equipped with input gain, direct out, insert, Aux send and more. EBU R128 loudness metering, too.
80 Summing Busses* - Use as Program, Record, Aux, Group, Mix-Minus or general purpose. Apply DSP to as many as 32 mono / 16 stereo busses.
960 squared Routing Matrix* - Available with as many as 960 x 960 routing crosspoints, with instant access to all audio sources, networked or local.
3 Software Levels* - A trio of tiered software licence packs let you optimize DSP, bus and routing capacities to fit your station’s unique needs.

* Indicates maximum available resources based on configuration choices. See Feature Chart for details.