Z/IPStream 9X/2


Based on the technology found in the popular Omnia.9 audio processor, 9X/2 is not simply a streaming processor-encoder, but a complete audio management system that will actually improve the flaws found in most recorded source material – both music and voice – as well as address the specific technical challenges of Internet distribution.


Exclusive “Undo” technology with de-clipper prevents listener fatigue by removing distortion and selectively, undoing the over-compression so common in mastering today
Optimizes sound quality of low bitrates by removing distortion components so that they do not waste bits during encoding.
6-band Parametric EQ for your signature sound
Downward Expansion (source noise reduction)
Multiband stereo enhancer
Streaming Partners
Additional Features
Software only, no special cards required
Includes Virtual Audio Cable to receive audio from other programs on the same machine
Includes Axia Livewire® driver
Runs as a Windows service in the background, no need to log in
Manage from anywhere with NfRemote, locally or across the Internet
Up to 16 fully independent stereo processors in one instance, and up to 8 instances on one machine. Pay only for what you need. Upgrades available
Local monitor output with patch-point selection and full speaker controller
Flexible remote control application with touch screen support, comprehensive instrumentation, and remote audio streaming of any patch-point, also includes full speaker controller
Separately adjustable sample rate (high-quality conversion) and gain control per encoded stream
Extremely high audio quality, efficient CPU usage and low memory footprint