IQOYA *LINK Stereo IP Audio Codec


IQOYA *LINK is a stereo IP audio codec specially designed for STL and SSL applications based on IP networks. It has been developed in close collaboration with leading European Telcos around the following themes: full IP connectivity, reliability, IP streaming robustness on managed and unmanaged networks, continuity of audio service on transmitter sites, full remote control and monitoring from SNMP supervisors.


Full-duplex stereo IP audio codec
Low consumption and fanless platform adapted to transmitter sites (strong resilience to EMI)
Two 10/100 Mbits/s Ethernet ports for separate control traffic and IP audio streaming, or for seamless stream failover (dual redundant streaming), or for a fail-over on a secondary network
Balanced analog and AES/EBU inputs/outputs
Support for Livewire, AES67, RAVENNA inputs and outputs
Audio formats: PCM, MPEG L2 & L3, Fraünhofer AAC-LC, AAC-LD, AAC_ELD, HE-AACv1, HE-AACv2, and optional CSR aptX Enhanced
Streaming protocols: RTP, Icecast/Shoutcast, MPEG-TS/IP SPTS on RTP or UDP
VLAN tagging (IEEE 802.1q, 802.1p), DSCP, SNMP (SET,GET, Traps), supported by Dataminer
Unicast, multi-unicast, multi-multicast, IGMPv3
FECs and redundant dual streaming with time diversity up to 2 seconds
In-band auxiliary data tunneling (serial data, 8 GPIs)
Continuity of audio service on transmitter sites:
– Backup: IP stream (RTP, Icecast/Shoutcast), playlist/ sound files on local SD card, audio inputs
– 3 backup levels
– Switchable hardware by-pass of inputs to outputs in case of power supply failure
Real time metrics on received RTP stream
Optional synchronization of decoders for multi-frequency networks (MFN)
Intuitive web interface with access rights
Front panel LCD display, keypad