PCX881e is the reference multichannel sound card with on-board processing designed for operating in continuous 24/7/365 use-environments, and fully digital systems, such as radio automation. Its on-board processing guarantees all audio channels are always processed whatever the PC CPU load is, which gives absolute reliability and responsiveness to the audio system.


Multichannel PCI Express sound card with on-board processing: MPEG audio, mixing of PCM and MPEG, cross-fades, real time time-scaling, 3-band parametric EQ, Maximizer
Four stereo AES/EBU inputs and outputs; all four inputs with hardware sample rate converters and digital gains
Synchronization inputs: AES11, Word Clock, black burst video reference
Support for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit (Digigram proprietary SDK, WDM kernel streaming, DirectSound, Wasapi, ASIO)
Breakout cables or 2U breakout box BOB8. XLR connectors