Smart Audience Engagement

When it comes to live radio, Bionic Studio does the heavy lifting, allowing presenters and producers to spend more time engaging with their audiences and less time figuring out what buttons to press. 

More content less clicking

Bionic Studio helps stations and networks drive engagement and create more content with less clicks and complexity. Whether handling callers or creating shareable videos and graphics for your socials, Bionic Studio intelligently takes care of it all so you can focus on your show.

Empower Talent

A Bionic Studio lets you focus on your show content whilst looking after the technical aspects for you.  The integrated studio interface gives you total control over every aspect of audience engagement including calls, Skype, social media, visualisation and content discovery, creating a seamless connection between talent and software.

Engage Audiences

A Bionic studio responds to your content and conversation, intelligently delivering relevant information and control to talent by responding to the music you play and the stories that matter. It provides smart tools and rich information to rapidly reach and engage with new audiences across new platforms.

Enrich Metadata

Machine learning and AI technologies enable automatic segmentation, topic and keyword creation. A Bionic studio improves podcast and multi-platform content delivery today, and enables rich new personalisation and recommendation experiences to deliver radios future..

Enhance Revenue

Use intelligent visualisation to automatically create shareable social media clips and compelling live streams. Video content offers new branding, social media, sponsorship and revenue opportunities.

Build your system from the following modules...

The world's leading Call Screening software

Stream and share
visualised radio

Making your station social on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email SMS and more...

web-based competition workflow management

...and experience the benefits!

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Bionic Studio - The Concept

Bionic Studio - The Product