All you need to bring to the table is your device and your creativity!

Bionic Table is a truly flexible way of turning any space in your facility into a "studio like" environment without the need for expensive specialist studio equipment, and is completely adaptable to the user’s needs – all you need to bring to the Table is your device and your creativity!

Simplicity - The perfect solution for podcasting or live streaming, you simply need 5 things; 
  • Space for a regular table
  • 4 x microphones
  • 4 x headphones
  • An edge device (such as a microphone xNode)
  • Bring your own PC/MAC/laptop/tablet/Smartphone 
  • Connect to the table using a unique url, decide which resources you wish to use from the table menu and you're ready to go.

    Bionic Table Menu

  • Microphones
  • Phones
  • Web Mic's
  • Network audio sources
  • Audio beds & stings

  • Enabling - Bionic Table's ease of operation enables anyone with a story to tell to create and share high quality audio content for broadcast, streaming, social media or podcasts.  

    Bionic Table uses mic compression and automix to control mic levels, auto level of live sources, normalisation and peak detection of media files and loudness processing and normalisation of streamed and recorded audio.  Whilst you focus on the content!

    Connected - Contributors can connect to your Bionic Table session remotely, via a web mic, so you don't even need to be in the same room, town or even Country!  And, if you prefer you can run a fully virtual remote session with all contributors using web mics.

    Recorded - Record your Bionic Table session and download your recording as a stereo mix or as full multi-track file for further editing and broadcast.  Alternatively, the output is available as a full broadcast quality live audio stream which is available over the network and can additionally be made available to streaming services.

    Secure - When you leave with your device the table goes silent and is ready to be set for another session, but you still have access to your recordings over the network as well as your own specific table settings for future use.

    "Your studio, where you want it, when you want it"

    Local/Remote Contributors

    Use meeting rooms, office spaces... to make your programmes. Contributors and guests can participate locally or from a remote location, they can even present from home.

    Build & Save Custom layouts

    Set your table or build your studio resources, using a variety of utensils from the Bionic Table menu and save this setting for future use.

    Stereo & Multitrack Recordings

    Record your table session as a stereo mix or a full multitrack file. Use it immediately or edit it for future use.

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