Skype TX for Radio 

Radio's answer for Skype

High quality audio from anyone, anywhere.   Whether it's a remote host, guest, reporter, commentator or listener; Skype TX for Radio is the answer. Connecting millions of Skype users from their mobile phone, web browser or desktop directly to your studio.  Developed by Broadcast Bionics in partnership with Microsoft, Skype TX for Radio was designed to meet the specific needs and demanding workflows of radio broadcasters wishing to use Skype calls on air.

For the first time Skype TX for Radio gives broadcasters the scale and flexibility to deliver full multi-line talkshow and contest formats via Skype from a single PC. PhoneBOX4 seamlessly integrates Skype calls alongside traditional phone lines, SMS and social media, all from inside your existing workflows.

Skype TX for Radio is a windows service which can run on your existing machines or hosted as a virtual machine.  Delivering up to 14 lines of Skype connectivity from a single server.

High Quality Audio

Codec quality calls from mobiles, browsers and desktops. 

Scalable & Affordable

Support for multiple Skype lines and devices from a single server.


Works alongside your existing phone lines and studio workflows.