Stirlitz media logger

Stirlitz Media solutions are used by broadcasters, media authorities, media monitoring companies, press agencies, meeting and convention centres, judicial institutions and any other organization that want to;

record audio and video
combine that with multiple layers of metadata
give selected users access through LAN and Internet
give the audience direct access to your archives

The multiple layers of searchable metadata enhance the value and usability of the recorded media. Application possibilities are endless. Content and compliance monitoring solutions, including audio and video fingerprinting, product placement tracking in video and product endorsement and key-word tracking in audio is also available.

Stirlitz Media Player - log your output

Software based, native IP SPTS/MPTS capture 4K ready, logs audio, video and metadata from any source. Rock stable used on  continents.  Runs on Windows, OS-X, iPads, iPhones most smartphones and Linux. Timeline based with multiple levels of text searchable metadata, no folders and filenames, continuous playout

Monitor your Competitors

Stations spy on their competition; nationwide radio/tv advertising and content ad compliance monitoring.

Log Audio, Video and metadata

The basis of all our solutions is the best, and most versatile, media logging software ever: the Stirlitz Media Logger server (SML). Easy to configure, flexible and rock-solid. It basically records anything a PC can receive. Audio and video, from any card, from an IP-stream or straight from a DVB transport stream. It records multiple webstreams straight from the source or from the web-pages, using Stirlitz Media Virtual Sound Cards. It can grab metadata from time-coded text- or xml files, from databases, GPIO devices or RDS streams. Start with 1 channel audio on a regular, single core PC, or record complete DVB transport streams on virtualized servers. You name it, SML logs it.

Access your logged audio and video anywhere

There are many professional logging solutions out there, but none that make it so easy to access your recorded media anywhere, anytime and virtually on any device. You’ll never have to worry about where the media is stored, how large the files are, whether you will need media from multiple files. All you see in the SML Player are the stations that have been recorded. When you select one, you’ll see the recorded audio (and video) in a Timeline, together with the metadata (if any) and you can move around in time by simply dragging the bars of the Timeline.
Anyone can do it. And you can do it on your PC, Mac and most iOS & Android devices!

Podcast - update your audio on website and on mobile apps

One of the main issues with websites and mobile apps is that you need to update the media, all the time. Much of this can be automated, using the Stirlitz Media Podcaster.

The Podcaster can select, code and upload any repetitive item in your broadcast, based on a script using the metadata the SML server has logged from your play-out system or console. You can have your latest news, weather, traffic, celebrity column or sports report on your website and mobile app, just minutes after the broadcast ended. Fully automated, together with the appropriate html/xml files, iTunes-ready if you want.

Analyse your competition - monitor whole markets

Record the stations with SML and search the recorded media for the play-out of advertisements, music, promotions using Stirlitz Media Inspector. Broadcasters use it to spy on their competition, monitoring companies use it to check the advertisement and/or music play-out on radio and tv stations and internet streams.

Verify your advertisement play-out

Many broadcasters in markets without an established advertisement monitoring system have problems convincing advertisers their ads actually ran. This can be history. SML logs your own audio/video off air, Inspector searches for the advertisements in the recorded audio and reports only those ads that actually aired. Customized reports give every advertiser or agency a detection list of their ads, with links to the actual audio/video.

In the lab - customised applications

We are continuously working on new ways to combine media with metadata and create value added solutions. Coming up are features such as key-word detection and facial recognition. Using simple capture devices or apps, we are already able to report back within a second what broadcast is playing. Add a simple webcam and we will also be able to tell you which family members are watching.

The possibilities are endless, our lab is flexible, and our solutions are reliable.