PCX22e is the reference play-only stereo sound card with on-board processing designed for operating in continuous 24/7/365 use-environments, such as radio automation. Its on-board processing guarantees that audio is always processed whatever the PC CPU load is, which gives the system absolute reliability and responsiveness .


Stereo sound card with on-board processing: MPEG audio, mixing of PCM and MPEG, cross-fades, real time time-scaling, 3-band parametric EQ, Maximizer
Dedicated to playback
Two balanced analog outputs, +24 dBu max level
One AES/EBU output
Adjustable output analog and digital gains
One AES11 sync input
Two GPI (dry contact) and two GPO (relays)
Support for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit (Digigram proprietary SDK, WDM kernel streaming, DirectSound, Wasapi, ASIO)
Breakout cables with XLR connectors for audio connectivity