IQOYA X/LINK is a 1U rack IP audio codec designed for the delivery of a stereo source (or two mono sources) over IP networks for STL and SSL links, but also DVB audio and WEB radio. It can be used in legacy analog or AES/EBU audio infrastructures, as well as in full-IP audio infrastructures (AES67, Ravenna, Livewire), making it a good investment for the migration to IP audio. Like all the IQOYA products, X/LINK is based on the Fluid IP technology which offers the redundant dual streaming feature, allowing for reliable IP streaming over inexpensive IP links. Based on a low consumption and fanless powerful hardware platform, IQOYA X/LINK is designed for 24/7/365 use.


Stereo IP Audio Codec
Analogue/AES/EBU, Livewire, AES67/Ravenna
Full duplex
Dual redundant internal power supply units
4 network ports
Front panel vu-meters, headphones out and status LEDs
Multi-formats encoding
Support of RTP, Icecast/Shoutcast, MPEG-TS/IP SPTS/MPTS
FEC, Redundant dual streaming with time diversity
In-band auxiliary data tunneling
Multi-unicast, multi-multicast
Supported audio algorithms: PCM, G722, G711, Opus, Fraunhofer AAC pack, MPEG L2 & L3 Qualcomm aptx
2 backup levels
Audio synchronisation via NTP,PTP 10 Mhz/1PPS