Nova 73 HD


Set up, connect, and switch on. Anyone who chooses a Nova73 HD has clearly decided for cutting-edge technology, absolute serviceability and an easy-to-operate user interface. The HD technology offers everything you would expect from a modern router — 96kHz operation, Dolby-E compatibility, and clock-synchronised switching to video frames or internal DSP. But what makes the Nova73 HD really special is that all its features are deliberately designed to be easy to use — an enormous advantage both in day-to-day operation, during installation and maintenance.


Configurable without interruption of operation
Integrated signal processing
Mono routing
Transparent transfer (Dolby-E compatible)
Clock-synchronised switching
96kHz enabled
Operating voltage 85 V to 265 V AC, 47 Hz to 63 Hz
19” / 10RU mounting frame
Dual-star backplane (STAR² architecture)
2 slots for central modules
16 slots for I/O modules
Active ventilation, temperature surveillance
Integrated power supply 85...265 V AC / 47...63 Hz
Active modules are hot-pluggable and accessible from the front
Weight: 21 kg (incl. red. PSU)
Router 8192x8192 mono
I/O modules for RAVENNA, MADI, SDH/STM-1 and AES3
DALLIS I/O system for decentralised structures and further interfaces
Analogue Mic/Line (transformer or electronically balanced)
Headphones (incl. VCA interface)
3G/HD/SD SDI (embedded audio) with SRC
Data transfer via RS422, RS232, MIDI
GPI (Opto-couplers, relays, VCA)
Sampling rates 48/44.1 kHz and 96/88.2 kHz
Possible clock sources: Wordclock, RAVENNA, AES3, Video, MADI or ATM/SDH
Additional internal generator
Clock output with current system clock
Complies with AES11 Grade 2
EQ (parametric or graphic)
Dynamic units (Gate, AGC, Compressor, Limiter)
Delay (up to 10s)
Summing matrix (64 x 64 channels)
Timed faders
Signal monitoring