Telos Application Engine (AE1000)


The Telos AE1000 (Application Engine) is a broadcast standard server used to deploy Telos Alliance software applications


AE1000 Inputs/Outputs

  • AE-1000 supports a single instance of iQs, which will accommodate up to 24 faders. Start with the base 4-fader module, add faders in increments of 4 up to 24, each with instant access to any AoIP source
  • 34 inputs x 24 outputs total, all AoIP, including four main stereo program bus outputs, plus bus outputs for Record, Phone, CR Monitor, CR Monitor Direct, CR Headphones, Preview, Talkback to CR, Talkback to External, Studio Guest HP, Studio Monitor, Studio Talent HP
  • Automatic mix-minus provided for any source input
  • 2 network ports, 1 for a link to the AoIP network and 1 for a local xNode or other network device
  • Fanless
  • PoE or DC 12 volt
  • AE1000 Dimensions

  • 1RU
  • Unit weight: 6 lbs
  • Shipping weight: 8 lbs
  • W:~482.6mm, L:~88mm, H: ~43mm
  • Shipping dimension = 20L x 9W x 6H inches