PYKO-in Stereo IP Audio encoder


PYKO-in is a stereo IP audio encoder that can be used in two modes. One mode allows converting the analog audio source into an IP audio stream sent to one or several destinations. Typical applications include STL, WEB radio encoding, background music, and paging. Combined with PYKO-out, PYKO-in is a cost effective solution for establishing IP audio links. Another mode allows using PYKO-in as a mono encoder/decoder; typical applications include intercom over IP.


Two balanced analog inputs, or one balanced analog input and output
Mic preamp with 12V phantom power on one input, selectable from front panel
Supports G711, PCM, and MPEG L3 audio formats
Standard RTP streaming, or Icecast/Shoutcast encoding in MPEG L3
Auxiliary data tunneling (serial data, 4 GPIOs)
Unicast, multicast, multi-unicast and multi-multicast (up to six destinations)
Configuration and monitoring from WEB pages, or through ASCII commands via TCP
Possibility to start/stop the stream via GPIs
Front panel headphones mini-jack
External power supply