iQ Consoles

iQx AoIP Mixing Console

<p>Look Below the Surface</p><p>Appearances can be deceiving. Axia iQx looks like a traditional console, but it’s actually a surface and mix engine rolled into one. We dove deep with AES67, giving you access to every source, anywhere on the network. With nearly limitless connections, we can’t even fathom the possibilities.</p>

iQ AoIP Mixing Console

Available in sizes from 8 to 24 faders - perfect for large or small studios

iQ6 Telco gateway

A multi-line phone system that connects to your console with just one cable? Meet iQ6, the no-hassle Telco gateway for Axia Audio mixing consoles. iQ6 plugs right into Livewire AoIP network networks, saving money and time.

QoR.16 Integrated Console Engine

QOR.16 is the Axia integrated console engine for Radius, DESQ and RAQ mixing consoles, with audio I/O, console power supply, mixing engine and network switch.

QOR.32 Integrated Console Engine

Integrated, networked console engine for Axia iQ mixing consoles combines audio I/O, console power supply, mixing engine and built-for-broadcast network switch into one easy-to-deploy package.