Say goodbye to costly POTS lines with CallerOne

CallerOne offers an affordable solution in the face of rising POTS line costs. Now broadcasters can keep the call handling workflow they know while cutting costs and improving call quality.

What's New with CallerOne?

New integrations! Alongside native integration with Axia Livewire and Wheatnet, CallerOne now supports Telos VSet and other console call controllers, allowing broadcasters to move to SIP without changing workflow.

Key Features of CallerOne:

  • High-quality SIP (VoIP) lines for crystal-clear audio
  • Browser-based interface: Manage calls effortlessly from any browser or call controller, eliminating the need for expensive hardware.
  • Manage up to 12 lines
  • Call recording, history, and notes
  • Integrates with Anywhere Web-RTC client for high-quality remote guests/links
  • CallerOne is a perfect fit for:

  • Radio stations and facilities requiring an easy-to-use standalone talkshow system (max. 2 studios per CallerOne system)
  • Broadcasters facing rising POTS line costs due to deregulation
  • Studios already equipped with Axia or Wheatnet consoles
  • Studios using Telos VSet handsets (NEW)
  • Studios with non-IP audio can use CallerOne with a multichannel soundcard. GPIO control may be limited and may require additional hardware.
  • Here’s what you need to get started with CallerOne:

  • CallerOne subscription (choose from 3, 6, or 12 lines)
  • SIP vendor for SIP lines delivery
  • PC running Windows 10 or above (min. i7/200GB storage/16GB RAM)
  • Axia Livewire, Wheatnet, or other IP audio drivers installed on PC
  • Audio console with mix-minus sends capability
  • Optional: Telos VSet, Grandstream GXV3380, or compatible console call controller

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