Dynamic Data Driven Graphics

ConTEXT enables you to deliver dynamic, data-driven graphics and workflows to your visualised output

With up to 40 graphic layers at your disposal you can build graphical layouts from the simplest bug or lower third to the most complex layouts with animated text, image and video content… all driven by data currently available in your system, be that data or metadata from your Bionic Studio system or from other station or external sources.

ConTEXT supports

  • Up to 40 layers of data driven graphics
  • Dynamic layout text, images and video 
  • RSS, Web and TCP data sources such as News, Weather, Traffic, Programme Schedules and music playout information
  • Integrates with Bionic Studio, Bionic Director, Bionic Social & Bionic Talkshow
  • Display of curated social media from Bionic Social on-air and published queues
  • Build your own fully responsive web interface

    ConTEXT allows you to build your own fully responsive web interface to capture and display in real-time, text, images and video content relevant to your show;

    Capture and display such things as;

  • Guests video/image and details
  • Current topics
  • Sports scores
  • Election updates
  • News information
  • Animate your onscreen layout
  • Why use ConTEXT?

    Whether you have a News, Sports or Music station, you can use ConTEXT to enrich your output, increase brand identity as well as monetise opportunities via sponsorship and branding deals. Why not try displaying your output - on screen in your facility, on studio monitors and on social platforms, or even share clips from your excellent Radio shows with your local TV channels.

    ConTEXT enhances your visualised output by understanding the context of your studio content 

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    ConTEXT demo at IBC 2023