Lawo Diamond

Lawo Diamond

Every job requires the proper tools. The more demanding the job, the higher quality the tools must be. And to achieve the highest levels of productivity, your tools must operate as extensions of yourself. This is why Lawo created the diamond broadcast console for radio and TV applications.

Lawo Diamond Virtual Extension

In today’s radio stations, computer monitors are the studio’s centerpiece. Playout system controls, phone queues, news and weather, social media platforms, even live copy are onscreen — and the number of screens has increased dramatically. diamond consoles with Virtual Extension modules (powered by Lawo VisTool GUI-builder software) help combat screen clutter while giving operators intuitive touchscreen controls integrated with the console.

Lawo Diamond Fader Modules

The heart of any mixing console.



Power Core

Feast your eyes on pure power. Redundant IP networking. Dual-redundant power capability. Tons of built-in I/O, with room for even more. Dozens of DSP channels. It’s like 12 rack units of power, packed into only 1RU. Enough power to accomplish any task. Even the ones you haven’t thought of yet.